About me


Hello! So here is a little bit of info on who you are purchasing from, every piece you see on the website is handmade, polished, cleaned and packaged by me. I tend to focus on simplicity, classic shapes and sustainability. My general rule, is I only make things that I love and believe in.

Most days you can find me banging away at my bench, running around a field with my wolf dog (if you follow me on Instagram then she makes an appearance every so often) or trying to entertain my 2 very 'spirited' daughters.


Invest, cherish and hand down. Jewellery should tell your story, it can represent a moment of strength, a memory to hold onto, or a celebration of achievement.

By wearing solid silver or gold, you can ensure your pieces will last the test of time. 

'Lucia Hall trained with the award winning designer and master craftsman, Roger Doyle, and she has now launched her own line of jewellery in Gold and Silver. A former visual merchandiser and stylist at Liberty of London now living and working in Sussex. The designs are simple and wearable, and all handmade in the UK.'